Purchasing credits

Once you have registered your account and logged in, you may purchase credits and view your account details by selecting your name in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Please note, credits cannot be used to purchase certificates, they are for searching our records only.

For data protection reasons, if you are using the internet to search the register, some of the records will not be available to view. You will be able to access the following records:

  • birth records over 100 years old
  • marriage records over 75 years old
  • death records (including World War II death records) over 50 years old

You cannot access civil partnership and adoption records online. If you want to view these records, or view recent records, you must book an appointment at the public search room or, if you know the details, you can apply online for certificates.

Search registrations

If you want to search registrations use the following links:

Order certificates

If you want to order certificates use the following links:

The certificate requested will be provided in the language choice selected at the time the life event was registered, this will be English, Irish or Bi-lingual English/Irish.


If you want to request an appointment in the public search room use the following link:

Free search

You do not need to register or log in to use the free name search. If you use the free name search it will return the number of matches in each registration type. You may search a five year range e.g. 1868 to 1872.